ABOUT Diatomite

what is diatomite?

Diatomite is a Cretaceous period inhabits lakes and marine plankton diatoms (diatoms), after the death of the deposition Months and years pass by. become fossilized, is a natural mineral.
Diatomite has the function of moisture absorption and can absorb and release moisture. Diatomite has numerous pores, super penetration, keep the surface dry for a long time, and has deodorizing function. Because of its fast drying inorganic properties, bacteria, fungi, mites and so on can not survive and reproduce.
Each "super sensitive pad" by skilled craftsmen, with high purity natural GUI soil algae, a piece of elaborate manufacture.

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With high purity natural algal soil, it is carefully manufactured.

  • Formaldehyde adsorption

    Through our unique research and experimental results show that the effective adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde in the indoor 95% above, repeated adsorption decomposition, repeated use.
  • Quick drying

    There are many small holes in the surface of the diatomite absorbing board, which can absorb the moisture which is attached immediately and then release by self breathing. The surface remains dry every time it is used, even though no one is dry.
  • Anti-bacteria

    Fiber absorbent pad generally caused by bacteria, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, is not easy to dry after wet. But diatomite water absorption board can release water absorbed by itself, keep dry surface, not easy to breed bacteria, mites and so on.
  • Deodorization

    The surface of diatomite absorbing board has hundreds of millions of micro holes. It has the function of purifying the air, and can absorb the unpleasant smell effectively, and also your fresh home space.
  • Video display

    Zhe Jiang Ou Si Mu Environmental Sci-Tech Co., Ltd
    is located in Shuguang Street N.O 999,Liushi Dongyang Zhejiang China.
    Enterprise is mainly engaged in: professional production of coasters, mats, and professional research and development, production, processing,
    diatom mud based on a variety of environmentally friendly household goods and decorative materials and so on. High quality staff, highly effective quality supervision and management system, to meet the market's latest and most popular needs of environmental protection
     household goods and decorative materials......

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